Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Spammers, Captcha Workers and Getafreelancer.com

This is crazy, look at the search results for captcha over at Getafreelancer.com.

From one of the job descriptions:
i want captcha entry agents immediatly.i`ll give u a target to achieve daily,if u think u cannot fulfil this requirement plz don bid.if thigns wrk out gud,we`ll stay in a long term partnership.i`ll pay bi weekly.i will pick more than one bidder.lowest bid wins

Here's another one:

I'm Looking for large/Medium Large team to work on my online 24/7 captcha entry project. Server is very fast. Itz a long term Project.
***Rate:$0.80/k (Good Captcha Only).
***Very very Good counting.
Only Interested & serius teams BID & PM me plz.

Serius individuals can also BID & contact via PM.

*************************************************Happy Bidding......

Suppose this is how your captchas get solved over and over again. Or can large scale captcha solving like this have any legit use?

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