Tuesday, 10 March 2009

reader_s.exe - Lots of activities about this file now

Searches going wild for reader_s.exe right now at FreeFixer.com. Currently looking for more information about the file.


  1. How do I remove this virus? It keeps coming back even if I delete reader_s.exe. Do I have to reinstall Windows?

  2. Hi,
    Been hit by this virus since mid-march. I noticed this reader_s.exe do not seems to come in by itself. There are infected files which detach this reader_s.exe and also service.exe and all this mess means time to reinstall. Some files I have such as Avant Browser will be corrupted with a custom box telling you it is corrupted. Other programs I have corrupted also have the same dialog box. I assume it is not able to run but still able to deposit its load of reader_s.exe and service.exe. I have also encountered infected working files that runs as if nothing happened but infact it is a carrier. The only way for me is to install a clean OS, install an antivirus which I am using Comodo. Strange that once I have the antivirus the infection stopped. Even though I know which are the infected files, I ran these infected files it did not infect my Avant Browser nor further anymore damages. I have also save them for testing. The only downside is that Comodo does not able to detect reader_s.exe type virus. It seems no other good antivirus could really detect after searching the net which many other users are facing. At least with Comodo I could slow down while nailing down which other files are carrier as I have many partitions full of installers and applications....