Monday, 30 March 2009

How to remove @replies from your Twitter feed

Ever wanted to filter the replies from your Twitter RSS feed? Easy with help of Yahoo Pipes and

Below is a snapshot of my Twitter RSS feed. The first item in the feed is a @reply. I want a RSS feed without my @replies.

This is how to do it:
  1. Go to the filtering pipe.
  2. Enter your username and click "Run Pipe".
  3. Click on "Get as RSS" and you are done. Now you got a new RSS feed, where your @replies has been filtered.
Here's a snapshot of my new RSS feed. As you can see, the @replies has been removed:


  1. Why in the first place you dont need @replies?

  2. @MOhd: I wanted to post my latest tweets, without my replies, on and

  3. I just wish there was an option on twitter that you could at least hide your replies from your profile, it's often hard for followers to understand what the heck those means if they aren't following the person and/or if it's in the past..

  4. Twitter should at least give an option to mass delete replies. After while, those replies don't really count for much.

  5. I've had replies from months ago that are unfair and verbally abusive. I don't want to be re-insulted each time I log in to my own space and have to look at them.

  6. I followed your instructions, but the resulting feed still has ALL the @"replies" in it?